Re-building:the New Cardassia...

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Re-building:the New Cardassia...

Postby makortecam » Wed May 06, 2020 5:27 pm

Greetings my fellow Cardassians!
Ive been absent for several years, but now Im back. Why?? It is because there are still fans of Cardassia out there. They are on dA, a terrific artist site that gives artists, writers, dreamers a place to hone their craft.
Im not a rabble- rouser, just a fan that believes that Cardassia is an "under-valued" people. After the end of the Dominion War..We disappear. No "Canon" about us.
But there are fan-fics and poetry, art-work and dreamers, fans of Trek that does not see us as some 'evil empire' !!
The Federation fans are well formed into various groups, as are the Klingons. The Romulans have a COSPLAY GROUP as well. The feddies charge for membership in some areas. The Klingons do not. I just think that there are still stories to tell, art to be created. I think there can be a new fan-base out there..
The "Keeper" of this site..Shada Dukal labors alone. But her efforts can be combined with other fans. A group can re-build a fan-base as "the Cardassian" strive to re-build their world. Any that still enjoy these concepts, who still write,draw,paint,dream are called upon to answer the call.."FOR CARDASSIA"..Gul Makor TeCam(makortecam)..
Thank you

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