Ethics Discussion: Maquis Bigotry, Cardassian Mad Science

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Vara Vardak
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Ethics Discussion: Maquis Bigotry, Cardassian Mad Science

Postby Vara Vardak » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:18 pm

I came across a video on you tube which explores the Voyager episode, "Nothing Human", from an ethical perspective. In the episode, an alien attaches itself to Belana, and the doctor calls up a hologram of a Cardassian scientist who is a leading exobiologist, to discuss treatment options. The Maquis members of the crew object to this because the Cardassian scientist has a reputation for having conducted deadly scientific experiments on Bajorans during the occupation. What I find interesting about the video is that the author discusses how the Maquis crew's hatred of Cardassians colours their reaction to the doctor's use of this hologram. The author also explains that there is no substantial proof that the Cardassian scientist actually conducted experiments on the Bajoran people. Whether or not the Cardassian scientist actually did what the Maquis accuse him of, this hologram is in a position to provide life-saving aid to Belana during this crisis. I think the author's examination of the ethical dilemma is thoughtful, as he discusses how negative perceptions of Cardassians have shaped the reactions of the Voyager crew. He also looks at how other species that also conducted deadly scientific experiments on other species (i.e. the Borg, and the species suffering from the Phage) are not condemned as much as this Cardassian scientist. In fact, the scientific research of the species suffering from the Phage was actually used to save members of the Voyager crew in a different episode, without as much scrutiny.

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Shada Dukal
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Re: Ethics Discussion: Maquis Bigotry, Cardassian Mad Science

Postby Shada Dukal » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:25 pm

It is a very interesting video, most Trek-related analyses support the Maquis and the crew, which I have always found stupid. Besides, their accusations are based on hearsays coming from one crew-member who is a Bajoran and is hardly very objective. Everything else is just hatred. After all, knowledge is knowledge, this was not a real person, just a hologram containing vital information and experience. This was not the real Crell Moset and his deeds during the Occupation could be judged only by a joint Cardassian-Bajoran investigation committee or a court. It was not up to the crew to decide who was guilty and a hologram projected by a light bulb can’t be held accountable, that is for sure.

The Cardassians in Voyager lack the nuanced approach of DS9, they are just ordinary baddies so the viewers are supposed to hate them by default.
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Re: Ethics Discussion: Maquis Bigotry, Cardassian Mad Science

Postby Seerbah Pe’Rez » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:52 am

Hmmm I thought the bajoran marquis warrior wasn’t bajoran
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