Let’s Waltz

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Let’s Waltz

Postby Shada Dukal » Sat May 23, 2015 6:49 pm

Hello to everyone!

I am Shada Dukal, a crazy and driven Cardassian fan. I have always wondered why Cardassians are so unjustly interpreted in ST culture and what are the RL premises for that. What happens to those who are different and like it that way? Are they all thrown into the Fire Caves? Because if this is the case, I guess these caves need a significant extension, many species can end up there for just rejecting to pay homage to the saints in Paradise. I have created this site because I want to understand why otherness is considered a sin and how exactly some views are more correct by default than others, and who sets the default parameters.

ST is a great cultural phenomenon but it got stagnated in its own memes, axioms and taboos. People have forgotten that this is a show, not a religion, or a substitute for RL deficiencies. I believe we should be able to ridicule, question and relativize what we love, nothing is that sacred or holy, irony and disbelief prevent people from turning into sanctimonious zealots.

I also hope to have fun, life is serious enough, here we can be what we want and say what we want, we can play roles, view problems from different angles, and extend our own ability to analyze what is going on. So unleash the Cardassian in yourself, banter, joke, be garrulous, and enjoy the IDIC of life to the fullest.
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