Proper Trek

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Proper Trek

Postby Gazomg » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:32 pm

OK the technical terms is canon, but some "trekkies" are the biggest geeks under the sun and take things far far too serious.

I consider myself a star trek fan, but not a trekkie, anyhow on the point of what I consider to be proper trek is what you see in the tv series.
All that is proper, as are all the movies..EXCEPT that heap of complete bullshit that JJ Abrams batardized and put in the alternate reality.

I dont not consider books, video games etc as proper trek in the sense its not official to me.
It was a thread on here about that Cardassian Ship that appeared in some DS9 vidoe game, for me it aint proper trek and something I would never use if making a wallpaper.

Where do you draw the line ?? Or do you ?

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Re: Proper Trek

Postby Shada Dukal » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:33 pm

I have been into Star Trek for 2 years only, since I watched DS9 by mistake. If it wasn’t for the Cardassians, I would not bother at all. I have always been skeptical to the other series because they are too syrupy and didactic for me. All my life I have been a moderate Star Wars fan. Sometimes I don’t understand Trek world, I have never seen so much fuss over Star Wars issues. People just enjoy that part of the Star Wars franchise they like and that is all.

I accept books that bear the trademark CBS as well as Memory Alpha, Beta, Wikipedia, well-known trek sites such as Ex Astris Scientia,, Star Trekcore, LCARS. Sometimes I don’t like the arcs and plots in the books but no one writes them with me in mind. I don’t accept only fanfiction and RPG developments.

I don’t play video games myself but they are a valuable source of development especially for species that are not going to get much screentime as the Cardassians. The ship you refer to is included in Memory Beta. I was not familiar with the design either but Shyak clarified it.
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