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Re: R&R

Postby Shada Dukal » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:48 am

Drinking kanar and fooling around with a mistress/lover are enjoyable pastimes. Ask Damar if you don’t trust me. If it is not enough, you can always become a rebel and a legend, of course. Hanging around in bars like Quarks, playing Dabo, having fun with Dabo girls are enjoyed by the troops.

Certain tailors love long dinners and lunches adorned with philosophical discussions. Especially if the other participant is a wild-eyed Terran doctor. Cardassians love talking and do it well. Judging by Garak, gardening is quite a popular hobby, breading riding hounds, betting on vole fights, cooking, spending time with family members, theater, art (painting and bone carving). I guess they also like reading enigma-tales and going to the holodecks whereas intellectuals might read even old books or their replicas on padds. They might enjoy doing individual sports too as well as watching the public announcements running over the oval screens and keeping themselves updated with the latest developments.

I think they are curious and observant by nature and a lot of things can catch their attention so they are likely to use their free time for picking up new information and self-betterment as well as engaging in activities that will enhance their hierarchical standing and influence.
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