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Re: Terok Nor trilogy

Postby Shada Dukal » Wed May 27, 2015 1:45 pm

Yes, I value this trilogy too because it clearly shows that there are two sides in all conflicts so it can’t be assumed that the weaker side is right by default and deserves sympathy. The weaker side, the Bajorans, made a succession of stupid moves that only exacerbated their weakness.

The first book is my favorite, a great historical detail and deep insight into the Cardassian and Bajoran mindset on the eve of the Occupation. In the series, the Occupation is presented exclusively from Bajoran and Federation point of view while the Cardassian angle is vilified and neglected. However, the second and the third book provide many details on the Cardassian position during the Occupation. Though not altruistic in human terms, their position was a matter of economic necessity and practicality rather than deliberate cruelty. It also shows that the Federation sniffed around and sent operatives on Bajor and patronized the weapon smuggling scheme between Hagath and Jaz Holza. So much for non-interference.

The trilogy introduces a lot of Cardassian characters and some of them appear in the series as well. I particularly enjoyed the insight into the early Dukat in the first book and the early Damar in the second one. They bore enough resemblance to their later versions but still their character development showed how people change over the years and how they learn to live with their losses and their choices.
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