The Wonders of Discipline and Eidetic Memory
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Postby Shada Dukal » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:24 am

Cardassians have always placed a great importance on education. In the episode “Maquis,” Dukat says that Cardassian children are placed into intense mind training programs, which enables them to have photographic memories and the ability to resist such mind probes as the Vulcan mind meld. I can’t help but admire a society that believes that “Education is power” and tries to develop their children’s potential systematically instead of spoiling them with doting sentimentality and letting them indulge in idleness and dullness.

Memory Beta says they have several institutes that provide education for higher echelons of Cardassian society. ... _Education

According to Cadet Cardassian Orientation College, 2008 Edition, the children are taught to pay attention to the details and to remember them as well as to memorize and store each information they come across thus expanding the their memory capacity and information processing. They are also trained to focus completely on the task and carry it out regardless of the methods they have to apply.

Their basic training lasts 6 years and it is followed by an Emergency Ceremony which marks their introduction to the adulthood and career development. After that, they go to different institutes where they receive professional education depending on their aptitudes and social standing. Children often follow in their parents’ footsteps in terms of career choices.
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