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Re: Medical

Postby Gazomg » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:45 pm

remember he popped us as a holgram on voyager and recall thinking the writing of that episode was absolutely retarded.

For those that cannot remember, he firstly was portrayed as some sort of josef mengele type figure, which itself is another argument, but what was completely retarded was in the end because some people were offended with how he got his results they deleted all his work.

Just because you dont approve of how the medical data was got dont mean you simply fling it away either.
Ig mengele has cured cancer. would his cure been tossed aside, of course not, in fact after world war 2 the majority of these nazi war criminals, especially in medicine were not charged but ended up working for the british, french, russian and mostly american governments.
So this notion that all research would be simply cast aside is ridiculous and treated the viewers like morons.

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Re: Medical

Postby Shada Dukal » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:27 pm

All big breakthroughs in medical practices and invasive surgery have been achieved during wars when doctors had plenty of material to experiment on. The Nazi scientists achieved a lot, officially everybody was outraged by their methods, but unofficially, no one denied the empirical data and their application in contemporary medical science. You can google the Operation Paperclip.

As for Crell Moset, the Doctor could use his knowledge. After all, it could be beneficial for the crew. Crell Moset had too much free rein and academic freedom on Bajor and basically did what he wanted – the scientific community was totally unaware of his research methods and everyone valued him as a leading exobiology specialist.

Currently, when a big pharmaceutical or cosmetic company wants to carry out the phase 3 trials in people, they simply go to an underdeveloped, poor country, hire volunteers and do their research with all possible side effects remaining for the test subjects. They sign contracts that preclude them from suing the company or are simply too primitive and poor to do it. When all tests are over and the product is approved, it is sold to the First-World patients. So much for ethics. Some people have moral concerns and don’t buy products tested on animals but they don’t have any compunctions if the medicine has been tested on a large number of poor, illiterate people who thought that taking this pill and earning 5 dollars a day was the deal of their lifetime.
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Re: Medical

Postby Gul Khold » Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:56 am

Indeed, you are both correct.

Gazomg nailed it when said that the way the show went on with the Doctor's reaction portrayed the viewers like idiots. It is one of the reasons I really do not like Voyager that much. Even though the other shows still had their dumb moments, hypocrisy and armchair humanism, such a situation in DS9, for example, would start a debate instead of a "because your helpful research was done at someone else's expense, I'll discard any knowledge gained from it". Hell, I bet Garak would actually put the Doctor in his place rather easily - might as well call him an idiot while at it.

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