Ships of the Line..

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Ships of the Line..

Postby makortecam » Thu Apr 23, 2020 3:47 am

Ive had some thoughts about the forces available to the New Cardassia. True many, if not most of our ships were destroyed in the Dominion War. But, surviving ships can be repaired and up-dated. Perhaps a few orbital shipyards survived the war? In Terran history, the defeated peoples had tgeir ships sunk or had them re-purposed to form a "Self-Defence"Force, as the Japanese did after WW II.
The same could be used for Our future Cardassia! Just some thoughts. Ideas, comments are welcome!
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Re: Ships of the Line..

Postby Shada Dukal » Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:55 am

Well, this is what happens in ST Online:
A new treaty between the Union and the Federation is signed: While the Cardassians agree neither to field a military nor to wage war, Starfleet is assigned to protect Cardassian space if an invasion should happen. In response to the agreement, the requests for prosecution of Cardassians for war crimes is dropped by Bajor. (2386) The military is reformed into the smaller Cardassian Self-Defence Force, or CDF, the following year. In addition, the CDF's operations are restricted to Cardassian space.
However, I do not like it because I want Cardassia to retain its full military potential. I do welcome diplomatic relations between Cardassia and other polities but I don't think that Cardassia should accept such terms and conditions. After all Cardassia is an empire encompassing many systems and they need a well-developed military fleet to guard their territory and to colonize new planets. Will the Klingons or Romulans agree to give up their military fleet? I doubt it. I am sure that Cardassia can use the Dominion technology that they received during their alliance and they can revamp and overhaul their existing ships.
Have you seen the thread “The Cardassian Ships of Star Trek Armada 3”? There are some beautiful ships, some of them old, but re-purposed.
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