For Cardassia! - Terms of use

1. RL-related posts that are defamatory, slanderous, threatening, harassing, discriminatory based on gender, race, age or hate-promoting will not be tolerated. This is indeed a mandatory requirement in the terms and conditions of all hosting services.
Exceptions: disrespectful, derogatory remarks, et cetera, are permitted via Freedom of Speech to be made of any Government, Political Party, Celebrity or other Public Personality, Franchise, or Corporation.

2. However, this forum is a big RPG so in-character and out-character discussions of fictional and hypothetical matters as well as drawing RL parallels do not incur any restrictions. Protagonists in films and books can be criticized and discussed freely in-character or out-character via Freedom of Speech because fans have the right to express their attitude, everything is a matter of reception and assumed personality behind an avatar.

3. All members are supposed to address each other by using their avatar nicks only and name calling, racial, or sexual slurs aimed at particular person are forbidden.

4. This forum tolerates slightly foul, everyday language and leaves the matter to the discretion of the users. Sexually suggestive, and/or sexually-related content is permitted too. However, we advise board members to exercise their best judgment in posting such material.

5. The disagreements on certain threads and the different opinions expressed by the participants in the discussion are not forbidden. If someone does not like the development of the thread or the posts on it, they can simply refrain from posting or decide to continue by presenting further counterarguments. The use of sarcasm, irony or dark humor does not qualify as a personal attack so if someone can’t handle it, they should think of another forum.

6. Commercial profit-based advertising is not permitted either via post, private message, avatar or other available contact information contained within a users profile. Exceptions: Advertising for a personally owned or personally affiliated website is permitted. This forum is strictly for entertainment and no profit is sought.

7. The administrators are here to make this forum run, to address technical problems, and to guard the forum from spammers and pro-Federation trolls. We are not here to deal with petty complaints like “X’s posts are so provocative,” or “Y has cracked a joke that I consider a personal attack.” This is not a kindergarten and we refuse to arbitrate such cheap quarrels. In real life, there are no admins to protect you from people who you might disagree with and you can’t sue everyone whose jokes you don’t like.

8. All arguments taking place on other forums are to be left at said other forums. Attempting to resume, continue, or transplant an argument from another forum or public venue to this forum, or referencing said other arguments is not permitted.

9. Harassment of any member, either via post, private message, avatar, signature or other available contact information contained within a users profile, of any other member(s) for any reason is not permitted. In case of a severe breach of conduct, the admins will contact the affected parties, investigate the matter, and propose reconciliation steps.

10. This forum is a place for commemorating the Cardassian characters in ST, their culture and ethos so we express a markedly pro-Cardassian attitude as fans or role-players. We value debate and discussion but posting anti-Cardassian messages for the sake of it and continuous expressions of anti-Cardassian attitude will not be tolerated and will be punished the Cardassian way. Such behavior will be regarded as trolling that bothers the members and the readers of the forum and will be punished immediately. This is a Cardassian territory and it is not the right place to post things like “Dukat/Garak/Damar sucks,” “I hate Cardassians”, ”Cardassians have to be punished/exterminated” etc. We don’t like the Federation and their minions either but when we are on pro-Federation forums we behave and we are judged according to their rules.”

11. Spam - Posting simply to increase your post count, or posting nonsense or otherwise incoherent content, is not permitted. If it serves no purpose, does not begin or contribute to a valid topic of discussion, please do not post it. Such posts will be deleted and the spammers dealt with.

12. Sanctions:
The sanctions apply to members we consider valuable contributors capable of evolving and thus saving, the average spammer or Cardassian hater will be stopped immediately.
Upon receipt of three warnings for anti-state propaganda, the faulty member will be put under intensive Obsidian surveillance for a year.
If the undesirable behavior continues, the said member is to expect a visit by a patriotic Obsidian agent, who would try to determine their potential for rehabilitation and re-integration. The interrogation sessions can take place for as long as the agent deems it and if the said member does not like it or proves uncooperative, they will be strongly advised to seek refuge in Federation space. If the said member complies with the prescribed measures but later his/her transgressions continue, the next step would be rehabilitation in a labor camp (reading rights but no posting rights for a month).
If the highly motivational stay in a correction facility has failed to lead to a desirable result and the display of unpatriotic behavior continues, a public trial will be held followed by a confession. If the said member refuses to appear and take part in the trial or his/her confession does not serve the aims of our glorious society, the said member will be executed by a fire squad (IP ban).
We don’t believe in cumulative justice and after a probation period ranging from 6 months to a year, all old transgressions expire because we assume that every person can evolve and become a valuable Cardassian citizen and we are here to guide and support this development with a firm but caring hand.

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